YouTube Vs Tiktok Fiasco — The Most Heated Online Feud of 2020

Rivalries are very much part of our world. The latest YouTube vs Tiktok fiasco is not a fresh one, but recently it has taken an interesting turn of events. With FIRs against popular content creator Mr. Faizu, the thing can only go downhill from here.

Tiktok is not new to social media hating. It has been criticized a lot for its amateur content ever since its advent. And, if we compare YouTube and Tiktok in terms of number of visitors, YouTube is a megalomaniac.

YouTube’s vast success can be credited to its domain age(15 years) & later on, its acquisition by Google only made things easier. Being a company owned by a market dominant like Google helped YouTube to be on every device.

Tiktok is a relatively new platform in video-sharing. They are still trying to figure out their place and brand image.

Why is Tiktok popular?

Tiktok is filling the market gap left unfilled by major video sharing websites.

To upload a good video on most of the video sharing platforms, you require a good quality camera, setup, editing software and marketing skills to make it reach audience.

On Tiktok you can create videos with your smart phone. Tiktok provides in-built editing feature & using hashtags can make it go viral. It’s video on shoe string budget.

In my opinion, this is the major issue raised by YouTubers that a 15 second video can’t be compared to their 10 minute or even longer video clip.

Now coming back to the online feud, the chronology of events goes like this:

  1. A YouTuber Elvish Yadav created a video dissing Tiktok as a platform.

The hate started spreading all over the internet. The video was flagged and taken down by YouTube. And, this infuriated YouTube supporters even further.

They started trending hashtags supporting Carry Minati. They started campaign against Tiktokers who are on YouTube by disliking their content.

Here’s the thing: this whole fiasco isn’t about Tiktok vs YouTube. It’s about problematic language and shaming underrepresented segments of society.

In this feud, you can see tons of nasty comments. They are still on internet & it has literally became a barking concert for hurling abuses.

It reflects out perception. If a guy is little bit feminine in his gestures, we call him homo or transgender. If a girl is vocal about women issue, rape threats are on the way.

And, this has exactly happened to the girl, who showed dissent about this whole comparison. Both sides of so-called influencers failed to address this.

There’s a long going debate on internet about — Who is Better?

Lionel Messi vs Ronaldo

Kohli vs Dhoni

Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

And the reality is: You can like both or You can like none.

It’s not like your idol is going to check your social media profile & feel bad why you sided his rival.

Dhoni won’t feel bad, nor would Kohli.

Fair & square. Period.

Now, let’s come back to the comparison of platforms. Cringe content is on every platform. On YouTube, you are in control of what you watch. Tiktok gives you less flexibility in this matter and shows you all kind of videos on its homepage(autoplay).

YouTube isn’t immune to bad content. There’s a separate war going on between YouTubers about who is posting what. Some of the channels with massive following, aren’t considered respectable within even YouTube community(Ahem, Amit Bhadana).

So, the platform has no role in this comparison game. They want more watch time. If people stay & dwell on their platforms watching a purring cat, then be it.

They don’t care about testosterone-fight of two creators or genre of content as long as users are watching it, liking it & creators adhering to legal norms.

They are just providing you a place to express your views.

On any User generated content platform(UGC), creator has the power to make it or break it. So, whatever creators upload repeatedly becomes definition of the platform. In case of Tiktok, it has majorly became a medium for cringe content.

Rivalry is everywhere. One price of being in public eye is that issues which you’d like to keep private are followed by millions with great interest & as a result, even a silly word war is blown out of proportion & turns into feud that lasts years.

This is not an end.This is just a beginning. So, grab you popcorn, sit on the sidelines & enjoy the show.

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