Will 2020 Change Society for Better? It’s Not About COVID-19.

The Roots of Societal Change

There are four types of social changes:

  • Redemptive — Dramatic changes within individuals. For an example, drug recovery programs.
  • Reformative — A specific set of changes at broad scale. Like, say, legalization of same sex marriages.
  • Revolutionary — Drastic changes at the large level. For an example, American civil rights movement.

Effects of Social Changes

When the social changes are reformative or revolutionary, they have potential of introducing a new political philosophy.

How social media can drive change in society?

Judging history through the prism of present can be very damaging.

Back to the Real World

With all being said about social media, the real change happens in the real world.



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Garima Kaushik

Garima Kaushik

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