Law on Rape in Women Friendly Countries Vs. India

POCSO & Anti-rape Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 :

Section 375 of the IPC made punishable the act of sex by a man with a woman if it was done against her will or without her consent.

Where’s the Loopholes?

The biggest loopholes are weak policing, lack of SOPs on healthcare of victim, and judicial delay. Even after making stringent laws, some loopholes remain in the very law itself.

  1. Marital rape is not a crime within India’s legal framework, except for separated couples.
  2. Anti rape law is not gender neutral. It doesn’t provide security to men and transgender people.
  3. The marital rape exception under Section 375 of the IPC states that the sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under 18 years of age, is not rape.
  4. The politicians accused of the crime may remain in office until convicted.
  5. Potential abuse of Anti rape law by women.
  6. Rather than finding support from police, judicial institutions, and government officials, women who try to fight abusive situations often face apathy. There’s lack of clear guidelines on handling such cases.

Punishment for Rape Culprits in Women Friendly Countries:


Why France is best country for women? Because the French are pretty hardcore about their rape laws. They hand out 15 year sentences for rape, which can be extended to 30 or life depending on the extent of damage and brutality.

  • Marital rape
  • Rape against man, women, trans, minor.


Denmark is by far the best country for women in terms of gender equality, pay parity and now for safety as well.

United Kingdom

In the UK there has been no requirement to show force was used or threatened in rape cases since 1841.


Any act of sexual penetration, of whatever nature, by any means whatsoever, committed on a person who does not consent, including using violence or serious threats by ruse or artifice, or abusing a person incapable of giving consent or free to oppose resistance, constitutes rape and shall be punished by imprisonment of five to ten years.



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