How to Learn 500+ Big English Words?

Why is Strong Vocabulary Important?

Once I was going through my twitter feeds & I came across a neatly written tweet among the debris of junk. I instantly glanced at the profile. To my surprise, he was an Indian politician. I was so flabbergasted by his perfect English that I pressed the follow button & started following him.

How to Remember Big Words?

Some years ago, I was reading a story about the man shot by militants in a terror state. I was oblivion about the meaning of the word “militant”. I was considering it a synonym to the military man.

Fear of Big Words 😱

For any non-native English speaker, big words are mind numbing.

  • Start with pronouncing these words slowly. If you’ll start speaking English in full swing initially, you might miss some basic & yet important lessons.
  • Once you master the pronunciation, you will be carefree & you can shift your attention to preparing your mouth & throat to produce more English sounds.

Where do I find New Words?

Anywhere. From the packaging of a food product to the flyer that you crushed & dumped in the dustbin, everything has some new words for you.



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