How StudyIQ Changed the Way Educators Look at YouTube Marketing

What is StudyIQ?

StudyIQ has been a powerful player in the Education niche since 2014. Their videos are like a golden benchmark of how online tutoring should be. They have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 6 years. A lot of the credit goes to their YouTube Marketing.

Sharp Focus on Unmatched Quality

Students who were appearing in highly competitive exams like UPSC and SSC were not looking for 15 minutes of boredom in the name of a video lecture. The majority of StudyIQ learners swear by its well-researched, crisp and consumable content.

Catch the Trend Early

For the StudyIQ team, creating current affair videos wasn’t on the content plan initially, so to speak. While creating informative static GK lectures, they soon realized there was an even bigger opportunity. They started creating informative videos on topics like world wars, operation blue star, the Kashmir issue and many more.

Build Strong Teaching Team from the Early Stage

They have a team of passionate educators. Each educator brings unique skills to the table and that worked well for StudyIQ. Teachers with passion inspire students. They inspire students to study more. The founder Dr. Gaurav Garg himself teaches static GK and current affairs which bridges the gap between him and students.

Be Truly Learner-obsessed

StudyIQ’s success is part of a bigger trend in the YouTube ecosystem: channels that have controlled the entire learning experience have triumphed over pure marketplaces.



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