Death of an Elephant

History of Animal Cruelty

Not only for food, but also for our comfort, on record these animals have been tortured since last 10,000 years.

  1. Before the arrival of the humans, fire was non existent in Australia. Their excessive use of fire not only led to mass killings of animals in forests, but also caused environmental changes which resulted in end of ice age and sea level rise.
  2. The behemoth animals of Australia were the first choice for a kill because it could feed a group of hunter gatherers for days. Small animals were hunted only in case of non availability of large animals.
  3. from over 200 sites, revealed marks of cooking in human-made fires, presumably the first direct evidence of human contribution to the extinction of a species of the Australian megafauna. Even if these cooking sites were smaller for cooking large animals, eggs shells found nearby proves that humans contributed in making fowls extinct by taking away all the eggs.

Human Uses of Animals:

Mostly we use animals for food and clothing. They are used for meat, dairy, skin and furs primarily.

Homo Sapiens - The Race of Opportunists

Recent animal cruelty in Kerala took me back to a horrific incident happened 3 years back.

  • Did you never kill an animal for fun? Even if it’s a frog, if you killed an innocent animal, you are complicit too.
  • Did you never eat non-veg food because you find it lip smacking?
  • Did you never had dairy products?

A Sensitive Society - The Road Ahead

If we want such incidents to stop, the first step is to become sensitive towards every living being.



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