365 Mini Habits for An Incredibly Satisfied Life

Garima Kaushik
26 min readDec 30, 2020


I know you are not happy with your life right now. You are looking for a positive change into your day to day habits so that when you look back after a while, you can pat yourself on the back and say: “Well done champ!”

I was expecting you here.

I knew that after seeing the headline, if you decided to click on the article, you are looking for a better change in your life.

“How’s you”?

Whenever someone asks this question we wearing our masquerade tell them we are doing well.

Are we? Hell NO! We all are struggling to be the best.

You might never ever be happy for whole 24 hours of day, let alone whole month, year or so.

And frankly speaking, change is tough. You can’t change your entire persona in one day.

But there are some mini habits which can make you more sorted, organised and less chaotic gradually, bit by bit, slowly.

I am not asking you to inculcate all the 365 mini habits. Just pick any 5 mini habits you like. Remember that a little progress is better than no progress.

This list can also serve as your new year resolution list. So, let’s begin the rundown:

  1. Remove clutter — Delete all the unnecessary Emails, donate unused or old clothes. Make your life more organised.
  2. Talk less — Don’t talk a lot specially to your enemy. Do not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
  3. Drink water — Drink one glass water at the starting of your day. This is the least you can do to hydrate your body after an 8 hour of sleep.
  4. Do something for yourself — Manicure, little bit of grooming or even an exfoliating scrub. Do whatever makes you feel better.
  5. Help someone — Be it solving a very small problem someone faced or a great favour, helping someone always boost up your mood immediately.
  6. Express Gratitude — As you make gratitude a way of life, you will wake each morning so excited to be alive. You will find yourself completely in love with life.
  7. Stop Complaining — If you complain about things in your life, you are on the complaining frequency, and you are not in a position to attract what you want.Get yourself on to the appreciation frequency, and the law of attraction can only surround you with people who are in a positive state.
  8. Listen one song every day — Music is to soul what food is to body. Music, in itself, is a healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.
  9. Always carry a pen with you, especially while traveling. You know offline is the only available option sometime.
  10. Don’t be more serious about someone’s business than they are.
  11. Pay attention to the smell of your home when you come back from a trip - that’s what it smells like to guests all the time, you just get used to it.
  12. Respect boundaries- When a friend is upset, ask him one simple question before saying anything else: “Do you want to talk about it or do you want to distract from it?”
  13. Keep your resume updated — Keep a separate master resume with all previous work experience When sending out a resume for a application. Duplicate the file and remove anything that may be irrelevant to the position.You never know when the past experience might become relevant again and you don’t want to forget about it.
  14. Accept your growth — Just because you did something wrong in past, doesn’t mean you can’t advocate against it now. It doesn’t make you a hypocrite. You grew. Don’t let people use your past to invalidate your current mindset. Growth is a concept. Embrace it.
  15. People seek happiness by forgetting themselve, whether by watching a movie, by being in the arms of the person they love, or by drinking alcohol. But, it is just a temporary escape from your real life. The real and permanent happiness lies within our heart.
  16. Have a good posture. Stand perfectly straight and have a graceful swing to your steps.
  17. Be very respectful with staff, waiters, taxi drivers etc.
  18. Eat all sorts of different food and do not be fussy about food.
  19. Learn to small talk. This is a life saver skill for those who attend a lot of formal events.
  20. Have impeccable table manners. Sitting up straight, no elbows on the table, knowing which cutlery to use, keeping your voice down are important.
  21. Do not ask for big favours from other people. By big favour I mean anything that puts them in a tough spot. Basically, any favour that makes things too convenient for you and too much of an inconvenience for the other person is a big No-No.
  22. Don’t show off your money. Being upper class is all about being understated. That also applies to luxury hotels and exotic holidays. You should not post about it on social media.
  23. Be agreeable, polite and social.
  24. A straightforward communication can fetch you discounts in a shop, leave from office, the extra Pani Puri, a better deal from the broker and what not. Don’t be ashamed in voicing your opinion.
  25. Leave the past behind- In car, there is a reason the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. Where you are headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind . It’s a good habit everyone needs for success!
  26. Be selective in your battle, sometime peace is better than being right.
  27. Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone, pigeon flock together.
  28. If they don’t know you personally then, don’t take their opinions personal .
  29. Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.
  30. The first to apologize is always the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
  31. Your body can do anything, it’s just your brain you have to convince. If you don’t find time for your health, you’ll have to find time for disease.
  32. You aren’t required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.
  33. Read 2 pages from a book — This one personally worked for me. I like to read but sometimes I procrastinate which makes me feel guilty. Reading 2 pages daily takes off the load from my mind because it’s stupidly small.
  34. Eat 1 piece of fruit — Pick a seasonal fruit or an all timer. Eat out just one slice of it and you are done.
  35. Memorize a group of 3–5 words — Tried and tested. I have built my whole vocabulary on this mini habit.
  36. Put on your gym clothes. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to. Just put on the clothes and tick one to do item off your list.
  37. Set up your exercise mat, press play on ab video, sit on mat (you don’t have to do the workout, but make yourself do this and you’ll probably want to do at least a little bit).
  38. Drive to the gym (X times per week)
  39. Do 30 seconds push up, pull up, plank, jumping jack, zumba or any other exercise of your liking.
  40. Think of one thing you’re grateful for while brushing your teeth.
  41. Make eye contact with a stranger (good starting point for social improvement)
  42. Write down 1 business idea every day.
  43. Organize your cupboard or drawer for 1 minute a day.
  44. Learn one new word/phrase in a new language.
  45. Buy 1 grocery item a day. If you run out of groceries because of your laziness, this will help you a lot.
  46. Write down one good thing about yourself everyday. You deserve it.
  47. Eat something within one hour of waking up for controlled sugar levels.
  48. Take one beneficial risk, in your work or personal life, each week.
  49. Floss one tooth a day.
  50. Quit smoking for Sunday. It’s one of the best habits to have in life if you are committed to your health.
  51. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier tonight (continue to go to bed an additional 10 minutes earlier each day, until you’ve reached your desired amount of sleep).
  52. Go on a date with your partner once a month.
  53. Clean your ears every week.
  54. Check your mattresses for bed bugs.
  55. Keep a pocket perfume handy.
  56. Update your email password regularly. Keep the record of updated password.
  57. Read one article on parenting each week.
  58. Ask for help. Don’t try to put a brave facade when you are breaking down within.
  59. Learn to accept compliments graciously.
  60. Don’t push your loved ones because of your anger issues.
  61. Don’t hold on to your past mistakes. You learn from your mistakes and become a better person everyday.
  62. Stop seeking control over everything.
  63. Stay in the present moment.
  64. Delete one social media app from your phone.
  65. “Sitting is a new smoking.” Take stairs whenever you can. Have an active lifestyle. Avoid sitting for prolonged time period.
  66. Praise your kids — We are conditioned to criticise/correct our loved ones, not to praise them. Be generous in praising your kids.
  67. Don’t buy anything just because everyone else is doing so. Eg. iPhone
  68. Walk/jog to the end of your driveway/Street.
  69. Strech your arms once a day.
  70. Learn to be okay with not being invited, included or considered. Being great in your own lane is also fine.
  71. Be happy with yourself in the present moment and have dreams for your future.
  72. Be thankful that you are not where you used to be in life. You have outgrown. Give yourself credit for making it this far.
  73. You must learn to let go. Release ty stress. You were never in control anyways.
  74. Miracles are real and natural. Breakthroughs happen every second. Don’t doubt the power of sudden blessings.
  75. Be easy on yourself today. It’s one of the underrated habit that can actually change your life if you work it into your daily routine.
  76. Stop giving up your power by expecting someone or something to change your life.
  77. No one knows you anything. Work for what you want. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
  78. Spend time with the people you care about.
  79. Break detrimental habits. Eg. smoking, drinking, substance abuse, sleeping late, waking up late, not drinking enough water etc.
  80. Get a relaxing massage on your special days like birthday or anniversary.
  81. Apologize when you are wrong.
  82. Set boundaries.
  83. Ask for what you deserve. Not everyone thinks like you. Communicate your desires.
  84. Stand up for yourself! People who are too into the concept of sacrifice have very low self-esteem because they want to be martyrs at the drop of hat.
  85. Be a content person, but keep the fire in your belly alive.
  86. Decide your own 'right’. Right career, right age to marry, right choices. Don’t let society do that for you.
  87. Everything starts and ends with us in a certain way. Being a little selfish isn’t a bad thing. Denying your are, is.
  88. Celebrating you has to come from you first. Don’t wait for someone else to celebrate you.
  89. Be more inclusive and open.
  90. Give a great attention to others.
  91. When someone else is upset, stop blowing your own trumpet.
  92. Stop complaining and look for solutions instead.
  93. Don’t talk about your friends unfavorably at their backs.
  94. Never confide in a friend who badmouths all his/her friends.
  95. If someone teases you or makes fun of you a lot. If they go on 'performace mode' at your expense, tell them to stop sternly. Remember, you gotta learn to set boundaries.
  96. Ever find yourself habitually wondering if someone is insulting you? Or you assume it’s just their tone. Or maybe they are in a bad mood. And, yet you feel that their tone is directed at you. These are signs of passive aggressive behaviour with unmet needs. And, those 'needs' aren’t your weight to carry.
  97. If someone is constantly in ‘ crisis mode’. If they lean heavily on others at expense if other people’s mental health, are co-dependent. Firm boundaries will always offend them. You know everything about their problems, but they know nothing about yours.
  98. Say ‘No’ even if it bruises other’s ego. You are not there to please everyone with an ego massage.
  99. Don’t let anyone guilt-trip you.
  100. Surround yourself with positive, kind-hearted and communicative people. It’s one of the habits that you hardly notice as they have become a major part of your life.
  101. Stop worrying and start praying. Prayer is the best medicine.
  102. Your intention should be to have amazing human experiences.
  103. Give yourself permission to create abundance, take up space, and feel worthy of getting good things.
  104. Respect doesn’t come from the title. It comes from conduct.
  105. Give your kids right to tell you when something that you are doing is hurting them, without being dismissive or defensive.
  106. Don’t care for those who are ignoring you. Care for those who are ignoring others for you.
  107. Choose your battles wisely. Don’t be a pawn on other’s chessboard. Half of life is lost in charming others. Half of it is lost in the anxiety caused by others. Leave this play.
  108. Feel small in front of magnificent things. You don’t have to win everywhere. Feel defeated in front of big things. It’s liberating.
  109. Have faith in your child.
  110. Fall in love with yourself first.
  111. Forgive anyone who has hurt you in past, including yourself.
  112. Be playful, fun and loving.
  113. Engage in a hobby or activity you feel passionate about.
  114. If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, then don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.
  115. Stop picking problems that are not yours.
  116. If you are a grown up adult, then you are responsible for your emotional intelligence. It’s not about who hurt you in the past or who made you this way. Playing blame game will leave you ugly and stagnant.
  117. Stay teachable. There’s no shame in admitting that previously you was speaking from a less informed place. There is a lot of information in this world and no one has it all.
  118. Keep moving. You may not end up where you set your sails for. but your hard work will get you a destination that’s no less great.
  119. You never need to explain your choices.
  120. Don’t force anyone to talk to you.
  121. If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.
  122. Move in silence. You don’t need applause from an audience that doesn’t care about you.
  123. Be so productive that you don’t even notice when people don’t text or call.
  124. Go with the your gut feeling.
  125. No one is going to fight for you the way you fight for you. Be your own support system. We all have a set of habits that help to dictate the quality and state of our lives. Standing up for oneself is one of the basic habits to master.
  126. Stop justifying every meal you eat.
  127. Your thoughts affect your health as much as the food you eat.
  128. Never, ever, discount your growth. No matter how small it is.
  129. Most of your problems will disappear with more water and less media.
  130. Plot twist: the coolest person you know is yourself.
  131. In a world where everyone is overexposed, it’s cool to ‘maintain the mystery’.
  132. Don’t justify anyone’s lies: People don’t lie to you because the truth will hurt your feelings. They lie to you because the truth might provoke you to make the choices that won’t serve their interests.
  133. Save steadily, invest prudently.
  134. Educate yourself, and learn something new every single day.
  135. Network by looking for who you can help.
  136. The best way to overcome procrastination is to use the 15-minute rule. Take whatever it is that you’ve been putting off for the longest, set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes, and only commit to doing it for that long. Why only 15 minutes? First, it breaks the cycle of inaction. Second, after 15 minutes, you’ve built some momentum, so you might just keep on going.
  137. Focus on a minimum of six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.
  138. Keep a journal.
  139. Don’t argue with anyone on internet.
  140. Always keep a handkerchief/Tissue paper with you.
  141. The irony of quitting social media is that you have nobody to tell how awesome it feels.
  142. Celebrate everyone’s wins and never wish ill for anyone.
  143. The overscheduled life is not worth living.
  144. Cuddle with a lover, friend or even a pet – physical touch is comforting.
  145. Detach from the source of stress.
  146. Sit in the sun for five minutes.
  147. Talk to a friend for ten minutes.
  148. Take a nap. Don’t deny yourself some relaxing time.
  149. Be prepared for an uncomfortable conversation beforehand. Being prepared will help you feel more confident.
  150. Walk in the woods. Go for a safari. Connect with the nature. A good personal habit & solitude…
  151. Join a group of like-minded individuals from whom you can learn and be inspired. Twitter and reddit are two great places to find these people.
  152. Focus on small sensations. Your eyelashes resting on your cheeks, your little palms on your lap, your hair in the wind.
  153. Don’t leave home without being showered and groomed.
  154. Follow a night time skincare routine. It’s magical and it helps in falling asleep.
  155. Roll your shoulders, sit up straight and open your stance. Uncross your arms and let your palms rest open, facing up.
  156. Eat that first meal within 30 minutes of waking up to jumpstart your metabolism.
  157. Be punctual.
    Arriving on time is important to one’s success.
  158. Don’t hit snooze.
  159. Always carry a sanitary pad(for girls).
  160. Make your bed every morning.
  161. Add a little lemon to your water.
  162. Alternate hot and cold showers in the morning to help you wake up.
  163. Meditate before checking social media.
  164. Do the dishes right away after you eat.
  165. Wear sunscreen, every day. If you live in tropical countries, check the SPF before buying it.
  166. Limit your TV consumption and overall screen time.
  167. Deep condition your hair once a month.
  168. Live below your means. If you can’t buy something with your 2 months salary, don’t buy it at all. Don’t burn holes in the pocket for something unnecessary.
  169. Call your parents everyday.
  170. Buy natural products.
  171. Play a sport for fun.
  172. Keep plants in your house. Harvest them on time.
  173. Watch comedy videos in your spare time. Attend stand-up comedy shows in your city.
  174. Practice public speaking.
  175. Keep your phone outside your bedroom. Adopt this habit.
  176. Teach your kids good manners from the very beginning.
  177. Delete all the redundant images from your phone. Keep the count below 1000.
  178. Carry extra mask & sanitizer everywhere.
  179. Keep your oil checked.
  180. Always keep your nails manicured.
  181. Always Moisturize your skin whether it’s normal, oily or dry. Because moisturizeing is like saving for retirement, it doesn’t feel necessary when you are young and when you are 65, it’s too late.
  182. Hold door for others.
  183. Make a travel essentials list.
  184. Always check manufacturing and expiry date before purchasing medicines and groceries.
  185. Keep a water bottle at your night stand.
  186. Frequently check the water level of inverter batteries.
  187. Keep your face towel and bath towel separate.
  188. Pay your credit card bill on time. Don’t wait for the due date.
  189. Learn breathing exercises.
  190. Don’t make promises if you can’t walk the walk.
  191. Never try to get even with your enemies.
  192. Count your blessings, not your troubles.
  193. Until it’s your turn, keep clapping for others happyily.
  194. Stop trying to impress people.
  195. Take full responsibility of your work.
  196. Stop watching the news channels.
  197. Start writing on Medium/Quora.
  198. Upgrade your skills with online learning courses on Udemy.
  199. If you have passion for teaching, start tutoring neighborhood kids for free.
  200. Volunteer at a charity, school, church, blood or organ donation. #besthabit
  201. The next time you see someone pulled over with a flat tire, or somehow in need of help, stop and ask how you can help.
  202. Comfort someone in grief. Often a hug, a helpful hand, a kind word, a listening ear, will go a long way when someone has lost a loved one or suffered some similar loss or tragedy.
  203. Buy food for a homeless person.
  204. Do a chore. Something small or big, like cleaning up or washing a car or doing the dishes or cutting a lawn.
  205. Send an appreciation email to one of your co-workers.
  206. Click candid pictures of your best friends. Show it to them when they’re feeling low.
  207. Just be there. When someone you know is in need, sometimes it’s just good to be there. Sit with them. Talk. Help out if you can.
  208. Lend your voice. Often the powerless, the homeless, the neglected in our world need someone to speak up for them. You don’t have to take on that cause by yourself, but join others in signing a petition, speaking up a a council meeting, writing letters, and otherwise making a need heard.
  209. Carry an elderly person’s groceries to their car.
  210. Bring someone a meal without asking first.
    Everyone has to eat. No one has time to cook and everyone loves a home cooked meal.
  211. Take someone’s kids to school sometimes.
    This can be huge for some parents.
  212. Go grocery shopping for someone or take them with you.
  213. Help with or do someones' garden work.
  214. Invite the new neighbours to your home for dinner in their first week of moving.
  215. Make a gift basket.
  216. Share your knowledge with someone. You don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach.
  217. Share your resources. Maybe you have some tickets and there’s a game that you won’t be able to attend. Keep those under- or unused resources in the back of your mind and try to connect them to people who can use them.
  218. If you know about some good business opportunity or job opening, think about who could benefit from knowing about it.
  219. Spread good news and kindness. There’s a lot of bad news circulating in the media about death toll and economic downturn.
  220. Keep your garden or greenspace chemical free.
  221. Don’t buy single-use plastics.
  222. Pop a flask or reusable bottle in your bag next time you are out and about.
  223. Shop locally, shop organically.
  224. Re-use and recycle the items.
  225. On short journeys, ditch the car in favour of walking or cycling, you can car share with a colleague to get to work or use public transport instead. It’s a green habit to save our planet.
  226. Plant pollinator-friendly plants.
    Help butterflies, moths and other pollinators without breaking the bank, by adding a container of nectar plants to your doorstep, balcony or back garden.
  227. Segregate the garbage and throw it in separate containers.
  228. Create your own compost fertilizer with waste food.
  229. Use a smaller plate. Buffets are notorious traps for anyone whose eyes are bigger than their stomach. Avoid temptation by starting with a smaller plate. The full plate will trick your brain into thinking you’ve gotten your money’s worth.
  230. Use energy efficient lightbulbs.
  231. Turn your computer off overnight.
  232. Wherever possible, choose cloth diapers – this aids the environment and is kinder to baby’s skin. If you desperately need the convenience of the disposable diaper, use an environmentally friendly brand.
  233. Have a vegetarian day. You don’t have to give up meat for life, but try to commit to one meat free day a week.
  234. Never throw away newspapers.
  235. Use water wisely. Don’t waste it.
  236. Take life day by day. Be grateful for little things.
  237. Don’t overthink, wonder or obsess.
  238. Don’t believe everything you think.
  239. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  240. Wash your combs weekly.
  241. Go Cruelty-Free. All kinds of animals—monkeys, horses, rabbits, mice, and many more—are subjected to animal tests in which a “live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to cause them pain, suffering, distress, or lasting harm.” Many of these tests are done on cosmetics items like makeup, lotions, and other skin care items. Shop for Leaping Bunny-certified products, which weren’t tested on living things.
  242. Don’t support animals in entertainment.
  243. If your class is planning on dissecting any animal, ask your teacher for a humane alternative assignment, such as using a computer program to perform a virtual dissection.
  244. Use headphones to listen to music. The sound quality is better and you’re not creating chaos for your surroundings.
  245. Pack light for travel. Nothing will improve your travel experience more than getting rid of that human-size suitcase that weighs more than you and insists on being pulled over bumpy sidewalks and dragged up endless staircases.
  246. Wake up early when you are traveling. Tour the streets, take photos of the main attractions with no people in front of them.
  247. Park as far away as you can from the door. Fight the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by getting more steps into your day whenever you can.
  248. Carry a small bag of nuts & dry fruits for your hunger pangs.
  249. Ask open-ended questions. Instead of throwing out questions just so you can insert your own opinion, ask bigger, better questions. Avoid asking questions that can be answered with a simple Yes or No.
  250. Sit in silence for a few minutes every day. Silence is the best way to be mindful.
  251. Give your brain a name. Naming your brain will help you separate yourself from your thoughts. Every time you are overthinking or having negative thoughts, you can thank your brain and tell it to calm down as you’d do to another person.
  252. Turn off all notifications for at least work time every day.
  253. Respond to all invitations and opportunities with “I’ll check my calendar.”
  254. Train yourself to listen well, by giving yourself time to think up your response in that pause, not while the other person is talking. Eg. Keanu Reeves.
  255. Say hi to your neighbors.
  256. Give up cigarettes. A bit of bad habit that a lot of people don’t know how to kick, smoking will not only endanger your health, but can burn a hole in your wallet as well.
  257. Learn how to dress with style. The way you dress can say a lot about you, and wearing the right clothes can make you seem powerful and confident.
  258. Learn to let go of grudges and avoid moping. Times can be hard, and it may take a lot to overcome adversity, but sitting around and moping about it is just counterproductive.
  259. Learn to cook. Cooking is one of the life skill that every man and woman should possess.
  260. Stop being late all the time. Punctuality is a virtue that is held in high regard in our society. Being on time is a mark of a true professional, a dependable friend and caring partner.
  261. Turn your hobby into a Instagram account. If you are good at sketching, doodling, dance, singing or any other skill which can be showcased on instagram. Do it.
  262. Get over an ex. It may be better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved, but it still hurts like crazy. Healing a broken heart is a process that takes time, but there are ways and tricks to make it through this.
  263. Learn how to defend yourself. Being able to ensure your own safety, and the safety of those you love, is a very important skillset to have.
  264. Start remembering important dates. Speaking about romance and keeping a serious relationship fun, you don’t want to keep forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and other important date.
  265. Become more social. Being a man, or woman, about town has its perks. You get to have fun, meet new people and find out interesting things, but you can also develop leadership skills and learn to work in a team.
  266. Don’t over-commit and under-deliver.
  267. Over working won’t give you any rewards, but stress and detoriated mental health.
  268. People-pleasing is a self sabotaging trait. Don’t indulge in it.
  269. Don’t brag about your achievements in front of your cousins or younger siblings.
  270. Keep a record of the gifts you received. It will help you in maintaining an equal exchange of gifts
  271. Always keep a duplicate set of keys(for home, vehicle etc.) at a safe place.
  272. Know the name of commonly prescribed medicines on fingertips. Also, keep a first aid kit at a safe place in your home.
  273. Always pack your toddler/kid’s bag separately.
  274. Don’t make your kid a YouTube zombie. Make him/her engage in physical activities like sports more.
  275. Wear socks or flip flops in your home. However, sleeping in socks is not a great habit to have.
  276. Don’t hold the urge to pee for longer periods.
  277. Keep your phone data on cloud storage. In case of theft or failure, your data can be retrieved from the cloud storage.
  278. Change your bed sheet and pillow covers regularly. Sometimes changing your pillowcase daily can help with acne.
  279. Don’t keep your room temperature too low or high.
  280. Grow organic vegetables at your home.
  281. Don’t carry your expensive items at crowded places. Eg. Jewellery.
  282. If your partner is cooking, you should do the dishes without them asking.
  283. Do thoughtful little things for your partner. It could be making morning coffee/tea or bringing their favourite snack.
  284. Ask for what you want instead of blaming your partner for not giving it to you.
  285. Schedule time to have real conversations with your partner, only giving attention to most pressing matters of the day.
  286. Always show respect to your partner, specially in public.
  287. Go on morning, evening or Sunday morning walk with your spouse.
  288. Turn off the television/social media in the evenings and be with your partner.
  289. Express positive attributes about your partner to others.
  290. Mistakes will be made. Fights will be had. It’s par for the course in any relationship. But couples who go the distance don’t hold grudges and let resentments fester. They discuss it, work through it and move forward.
  291. Be proud to be seen with your partner.
    Happy couples are pleased to be seen together.
  292. Do not compare your kids.
  293. Do your kids tend to squabble when one is trying to get the other’s attention? Are they competing for your time and attention? Do they fight more when they are tired or bored?Once you see a pattern that might explain this behavior, try to address those issues to minimize sibling squabbles.
  294. Teach kids how to respect those differences, and how to keep an eye on what’s really important: Loving each other. If one child wants to choose a family activity that incorporates a lot of action while another child wants to do something quiet and low-key, you could set up a system where they can work together to plan how to take turns or find other common interests that can be fun for both siblings.
  295. Come up with a project, such as painting a spare room or cleaning out the garage, and have kids work together to get it done. You can also have kids take on chores that are best for their age and abilities, such as sweeping or helping prepare dinner and have them race against the grownups in the house to see who gets their chores done faster.
  296. Do a “weather” check during the day.
    Call your partner at home or at work to see how his or her day is going. This is a great way to adjust expectations so that you’re more in sync when you connect after work. For instance, if your partner is having an awful day, it might be unreasonable to expect him or her to be enthusiastic about something good that happened to you.
  297. Wash your hair every alternate day for healthy scalp.
  298. Don’t share your personal belongings with anyone. Eg. Makeup, undergarments etc.
  299. Visit doctor for routine check up every year or 6 months.
  300. Keep your bathroom and toilet hygienic. This habit should be inculcated in kids as well.
  301. Don’t eat too hot or cold food very often. It’s bad for your guts and teeth.
  302. Don’t use bad words. It hits back to you in unexpected manner.
  303. Care the sick.
  304. Clean your hands before putting lenses in your eyes. Don’t insert anything in your eyes which is not medically graded.
  305. Don’t shout on your kids. They’re very impressionable and it might scar them for life.
  306. Visit the nearby historical places your town. It’s important to know about the history of your town.
  307. Knowing basic details of plumbing, electrics & home maintenance is very crucial for every person regardless of the gender.
  308. Don’t guilt yourself over the mind games you played on your brother, and stop accusing your sister of stealing the sweater you bought in 1992. Make a conscious effort to forgive these childhood misdeeds.
  309. Show up at your sibling’s important days like marathon, business opening.
  310. Sibling relationships are often defined by behind-the-back gossiping. Don’t keep creating groups & inter clan rivalry within the family.
  311. Quit being jealous of other people’s sibling relationships. Remember, there are different depths to each bond.
  312. Avoid hot-button topics (politics, religious). It sounds like common sense, but too many of us don’t follow it and find ourselves at dinner making scorched-earth pronouncements. So if you’re not on the same wavelength as your brother or, conversely, your other political party loving sister, it’s smart just to steer clear of mentioning politics.
  313. Make a list for your groceries and essentials and keep a tab on what you are running out of.
  314. If you are gifting someone money, give it in an envelope.
  315. If you put something down temporarily, say it out loud. ("I’ve put my phone on the dresser.")
  316. If you have a spare minute at home, always take a few seconds to just pet your dog or cat and really appreciate them.
    " Pets are only a part of your life but you are your pet’s entire life."
  317. If you want to wear something white or light in color, wear innerwear that matches the color of your skin, not white.
  318. Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you are done eating and drinking for the day.
  319. If there’s a jar or container you can’t open, run the lid under hot water for 30 seconds.
  320. When you move into a new house or apartment, always set up your bedroom first — and make the bed.
    That way, when you’re exhausted and have had enough, you can just fall into it. Nothing worse than being exhausted and having to make the bed before getting into it.
  321. The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use bar soap and handwash it.
    "And always use cold water, not hot. Hot water will set the stains."
  322. Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.
  323. To get rid of a stinky odor in a room, place a scented dryer sheet over your fan or a/c vents.
  324. Relieve stress and anxiety quickly by practicing Viparita Karani pose. It’s also good for back pain and menstrual symptom relief.
  325. For a quick fix to a wrinkly shirt while you’re wearing it, pull the front of your shirt out and blow dry it for a few seconds. This time saving habit will simplify your life.
  326. Identify three must-dos for the next day
    Without awareness of the big dominoes that will move your business forward, you run the risk of being busy but not effective.
  327. Put a ban on reading posts and social media comments that will only make you angry.
  328. See a therapist if you feel your mental health slipping or just need to talk to someone.
  329. Every night, lay out your outfit for the following day, along with everything else you’ll need to leave the house with.
  330. Unsubscribe from the unwanted emails. Search your inbox for "unsubscribe" and clear out that junk. Unroll Me will do it for you as well.
  331. Scrolling through Facebook and Snapchat can make anxiety spiral out of control — hello, FOMO and jealousy — but it can also help you figure out new passions. If Instagram is your platform of choice, for example, head over to the Explore tab and see what shows up. Often, the algorithm will surface photos and accounts that mirror things you’ve liked or looked at.
  332. Buy a pack of metal straws on Amazon and not only do you’d feel good knowing you’re helping turtles, but you’ll also be drinking more water, because you always drink more when I have a straw.
  333. Adopt a tiny pet — like a tortoise — if you’re in the right situation to care for one.
  334. start eating better and taking vitamins.
  335. Try out one new eco-friendly habit each month.
    If you wanted to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, so every month for this year you should add in a simple change.
  336. Quit soda if you feel that you’re drinking too much.
  337. Spray your pillow and sheets with a calming scent. It will make you fall asleep more comfortably.
  338. Try an old-school puzzle. Crosswords, Sudoku or 2448, choose a game of your liking and you can also turn it into a group activity with your family or partner.
  339. Take pleasure in the achievements of others.
  340. If bathing feels difficult, make it more special with bath bombs or hair masks.
  341. Get lost in a podcast.
    Whether it’s true crime, comedy, or self-help, you’ll found a lot of strength in listening to a podcast and hearing exciting stories.
  342. Knit something for a loved one ( for your pet or your newborn niece/nephew)
  343. Do some cleaning on your social media. Unfollow the accounts you don’t relate to, remove messages that make you sad or uncomfortable or even block people if you feel too much negativity.
  344. When commercials come on TV do some sit ups to kill the time instead of going on your phone!
  345. Study at the CoVid friendly library instead of at home. Libraries provide the perfect atmosphere for deep focus whereas you might get easily distracted studying at home.
  346. Organize your 'fridge’.
  347. Use Goodreads to find new recommendations & quotes.
  348. Learn to play a stringed instrument. Something as simple as a ukulele can provide loads of fun and stress relief.
  349. Stop apologising for everything that’s going wrong. you need to stop blaming yourself for things that you have no control over.
  350. Remember that slow progress is still progress. Everyone’s journey is different, so there’s no need to compare your path to someone else’s. It’s a habit of extremely happy people.
  351. Remember to take more pictures; capture the memories. Take pictures as keep a memory file, it’ll be nice to look at when you feel down.
  352. When you get really busy with school or work or family or other responsibilities, you probably find yourself considering hanging out with your friends a luxury that you can cut first to make room for everything else. But spending time with your friends is hugely important for your mental health. Don’t put friends on the back burner.
  353. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb at night.
  354. Reread Harry Potter, find your favorite childhood snack, listen to the first band that you ever loved, whatever. Soak up the nostalgia.
  355. Screenshot texts from friends or positive emails from your boss. Keep them in a folder that you can read through again and again.
  356. Build a "make life a little easier" toolkit. Think of it as a Happy Box. Fill it with spa-like products, coloring books, a nice-smelling candle, your favorite book, souvenirs from happy memories, whatever you think has the power to cheer you up just a little.
  357. If you need to cry, cry. So let it out, even if you need to induce a cry with a a tear-jerking movie or a sad song.
  358. Be honest with yourself and know your limits, AKA. cancel those plans.
  359. Go on a road trip and allow driving to clear your head.
  360. Or take some vacation days and get out of town.
  361. Have a hammock moment in the park. Take your hammock to a park and lie in it.
  362. Put on some music and have a sing-and-dance-a-long.
  363. Find a spot by a window and breathe in some fresh air.
  364. Splurge a little and get a mani-pedi every once in a while to help you feel a bit more put together.
  365. Commit to a daily skincare routine that you not only enjoy, but gives you time to focus on yourself.



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